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Buyers Guide

If you’re a full blown grease monkey, occasional tinkerer or weekend mechanic, we assembled for you a few of our favorite places to go when we need automotive manuals, parts and accessories. It’s also where we send family and friends when they ask us what we would like for Christmas.

Eastwood Tool Catalog
The Eastwood tool catalog is published monthly in a full-size format and is full of quality tools and supplies covering all aspects of restoration and custom work. Their website has the full catalog online as well as some great resources like their free technical library and restoration forum.

Moss Motors
Moss Motors is primarily known for its activity in the British restoration market and is the world's oldest and largest supplier of these parts. If you have a British car, Moss will have what you need to restore, repair and protect it. They even have accessories decorated with the emblem of your favorite marque. We find their customer service to be a shining example above their peers.

Motorbooks.com carries the best in books from the leading publishers for the motoring enthusiast. They have books available on classic cars, muscle cars, sports cars, and hot rods. Books on the featured makes and models include histories, repair manuals, performance and modification guides and buyer’s guides.

Legacy Motors
Legacy Motors is the official online store of the Diecast Car Collectors Zone and the Diecast Car Collectors Club. Legacy Motors was created to financially support the Zone, which is a free content site devoted exclusively to collectors of scale model cars. Legacy Motors can offer exclusives and scale model cars not seen elsewhere.

Autosport Automotive Outfitters
AutoSport, the Automotive Outfitters is a great place to go if you’re looking for a gift and not quite sure what your car lover may need for their classic. They have a good selection of car care products, accessories, covers and nifty electronic gadgets that any car nut would like to receive.

The Roadmap to Save our Ailing American Auto Industry
The Roadmap to Save our Ailing American Auto Industry

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