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Buying a Classic Car


Buying a classic or collector car requires quite a bit more homework than buying a new or used car. There are no warranties, the manufacturer may no longer be in business and replacement parts may be difficult to find. We’ve put together some helpful information that will ensure you purchase the car of your dreams rather than be stuck with a total nightmare.
  1. Finding the Right Car
  2. Before You Write the Check
  3. Do Your Homework

Finding the Right Car

That might sound easy, but finding the car is the hardest part of the classic car purchase. Don't leave any stone unturned or classified ad unread. Check out everything that's out there before you get your heart set on just one make, model or year.

Before You Write the Check

We hate to say this, but never take anyone's "word" about the condition or value of the car you are about to buy. You have to completely inspect any car before you can determine the it's value. Here are the guidelines we use to help us really get to know all the about the car and set aside how gorgeous it looks.

Do Your Homework

Homework is usually a task that most folks might consider a pain. But a true car enthusiast will soak up all the information they can to get more involved and knowledgeable. There's no test here, just fun information to help you buy smarter.

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