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The First Ferrari Road Car


Friends of ours invited us to join them to go look at some cars a local collector was putting up for sale. Could you imagine our delight when we learned that this particular collector, Ed Willimann, was the owner of the first Ferrari road car built and the car was there on his property.

Ed Willimann, a retired IBM employee of 32 years, loves cars. He just can't let a car go off and die. He buys them and restores them, and has placed some of his beauties in museums. His 1947 Ferrari, with the markings of the number one car which was observed by an Arizona Supreme Court Judge, clearly is a car of true historic value.

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How He Found The CarThe Ice Storm That Almost Lost Him the CarHow Does He Know It's the Number OneSo What do You do With Such an Historic Car?
The Interior of a Racing FerrariSo What Does it Feel Like to Sit in the Number One Ferrari?
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