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1911 Locomobile Model M-48 Seven Passenger Touring


1911 Locomobile Model M-48 Seven Passenger Touring

1911 Locomobile Model M-48 Seven Passenger Touring

This car was in excellent overall condition despite its older restoration. With the exception of the headlights, which were converted to accept light bulbs for touring, the car was restored to original specifications. All gas light components were saved and accompany the car as well. The quality of the paint and brass are both very presentable and well preserved, as is the top, which features a complete set of side curtains. Every element of brass on the car is also in excellent condition, having been coated and polished to a lovely shine. Notable features on this Touring model include a twelve-volt battery with an electric starter, directionals, and a master cut-off switch, all of which have rendered the car very driver-friendly. This car sold for a respectable $302,500.
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