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Owning a Classic

There are just as many reasons for owning a classic car as there are classic car owners. Some see it as an investment, others get a feeling of nostalgia, and many believe that their particular classic makes a personal statement about who they are.

Wire Wheels…The Utimate Dress-up for Your Classic Car?
The great debate, whether or not to put wire wheels on your classic car. We have some food for thought on that subject.

Top Threats to the Classic Car Hobby
The newly formed North American representative of FIVA, the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA), hosted an exclusive media symposium with Hagerty, the world leader in collector car insurance, for a panel discussion on the “Top Threats to the Collector Car Hobby.”

Radial Tires or Bias-ply for Your Classic Car
We’ve come to the conclusion that the answer to the Bias-ply versus Radial tire question rests solely with the cars owners. But to make that decision, you need to be armed with ample information to make the best choice for your classic.

Your Old Car Story
About.com Classic Car Readers share their stories about the old cars they've loved and owned.

Shipping Your Classic Car
Whether it's the car you've waited years to own or the car that's been in your family for years, long distance transport can be an daunting an emotional experience. By following our vehicle shipping tips, you could save you money and improve your peace of mind.

Before You Buy a Classic Car
You won't find this information in car magazines, but every classic car owner will agree with these 7 important aspects to consider before you purchase your classic.

Collector Car Theft Deterrents
Protecting your Classic Car from would be thieves can be as easy as installing a battery cut-off device, or you can go high tech with a global tracking device. We suggest both, and a few others.

When it’s Time to Sell Your Classic Car
We love buying old cars and fixing them up. But that means something has to go to make room for the new arrival. All our cars mean something special to us so when it comes time to sell one, it can be pretty emotional. Properly marketing our cars helps to ease the pain by speeding up the sale and getting a fair price.

Joining a Classic Car Club
Choosing the right car club can add a great deal of enjoyment to your classic car hobby, and understanding what to expect from the membership will help you in your search.

Touring in Your Classic Car
Touring in your classic may be one of the best advantages to ownership. Trees are greener, skies are bluer and the longer the journey the better if you are behind the wheel of your trusty steed. You can join professionally organized tours, participate in club tours or just map out one of your own. Either way, you will meet some of the friendliest folks around... classic car lovers.

Should the US Have an Organization to Preserve Classics
Should US Classic Car Owners Develop a Organization to Preserve Our Motoring Heritage like the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs in the UK?

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs
The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) have published research documents for the classic and historic market in both UK and Europe. These are worth a read as they detail the size of the industry, the value to the economy and the minute amount of mileages covered and therefore pollution caused. They make us think the US should...

Classic Car Terms and Definitions
Learn how to "talk the talk" of the classic car community with this glossary of terms and definitions.

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