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When it’s Time to Sell Your Classic Car


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Where to Sell Your Classic Car

The most common ways to sell a classic are newspaper classifieds, car trader publications, Internet sites or at auction.

Classified ads can be very expensive for 4 little lines, and no ability to show pictures. Auto Trader Magazines are also a bit pricey but they seem to reach a good target market. Internet site are the least expensive and can reach an international audience. They also allow you to submit more pictures.

The reality is, selling a car can be a real pain and that is why so many people consign their cars to auction companies to do it for them. Auctions bring a lot of people who are ready to buy cars; dealers, collectors and your average car enthusiast. And if you’re lucky, a large crowd of fevered bidders can drive prices higher than a normal sales deal. But be prepared, if your car doesn’t sell, you are out a bit more money than you would have spent on a classified ad.

Depending on your sense of urgency to sell your car, we suggest you put it online first. www.craigslist.org is a free classified ad service and it would be a good place to see if your car’s price and description brings you some action before you put out money for an ad. Ebay Motors and Cars.com are two places we tend to try next.

Make sure you take the car out frequently with “For Sale” signs on it. The last car we sold attracted more potential buyers in busy shopping mall parking lot than it did in any other venue we advertised it in. Sometimes cars just look better in person than in pictures.

Don’t forget about contacting your local car clubs to inform them your classic is for sale. They are a good source for word-of-mouth advertising. Join cruise nights around town, they always bring out spectators who want to have their own classic one day. Shine up your rig and let it sell itself.

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