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Product Reviews

Whether its for cleaning, polishing or repairing, find out what car products live up to their claims and which ones don't.

Ultra-Sonic Pest Repeller - Keep Pack Rats Out of Your Car
We do not claim to be any type of college-degreed pest control expert or authorities on animal physiology. But we do have a garage with six classic cars that have not been vandalized by the large number of pack rats that inhabit our property. And we have accomplished this great feat for over ten years with devices that have been consistently...

One Man Brake, Clutch, or Hydraulic Fluid Bleeder Kit
How did the One Man Brake, Clutch, or any Hydraulic Fluid Bleeder Kit work compared to the two person pump and fill method that we usually use? Here's our review...

About.com's Classic Car Readers Choice Award Winners
Congratulations to our 2011 About Classic Car Readers' Choice winners! The results are in on your favorite Classic Car Magazine, Auction, Parts Supplier and Website to buy a Classic. Did your favorite win?

About.com Classic Cars: 2011 Readers' Choice Award Finalists
Welcome to the 2011 About.com Readers' Choice Awards! You've nominated your favorites in Classic Cars, and now it's time to vote on who made it into our top 5.

DriveSharp, Software To Improve Your Driving Skills
When we were contacted by a marketing firm asking us to inform our readers about their DriveSharp software, our response was as it always is, “we only write about products we have personally used and give our honest opinion, good or bad.” A week later, DriveSharp arrived in the mail.

uShip, the Online Shipping Marketplace
We would describe uShip as the eBay of the shipping and moving marketplace. Just list anything you need shipped on their website and you’ll receive bids from any of their 100,000 feedback-rated movers, carriers, transporters, van lines, freight brokers and other specialty service providers. But are they worth trying?

Meguiars Hot Rims Mag and Aluminum Polish
At the last big car show we attended, we were given a tin of Meguiars Hot Rims Mag and Aluminum Polish by Barry Mequiar to review. He said that our readers would like the product - check out what we think.

Using Wheel Dollies When Working on Your Car
Wheel Dollies give you the ability to move a disabled vehicle easily around the garage - or do they?

Adam's Detailing Spray
When we make the rounds at car shows or auctions, we see the usual products being used for those last minute touch ups and detailing. Meguiars and Mothers detailing sprays seem to be two of the most popular bits of ammunition in the battle of whose car shines the brightest. But there's a new kid on the block.

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