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DriveSharp, Software To Improve Your Driving Skills

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The Bottom Line

After six weeks of training with DriveSharp, could we honestly say that we feel like better drivers? Fortunately, neither of us were put in a position to have to avoid a crash as proof, but we were able to improve our sessions to just short of our goal set by the software's the initial assessment.

What we can say is that you have to be focused and pay attention to what you’re doing to improve your score in a DriveSharp training session. And, after working with the software, we did feel it was easier to pay better attention and become more focused while driving as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive
  • Entertaining
  • Challenging


  • Price
  • Only has two different games
  • Have to be online to use


  • Software to help you think faster behind the wheel of a car.
  • Software is available for PC or Mac.
  • Recommended by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Guide Review - DriveSharp, Software To Improve Your Driving Skills

DriveSharp, recommended by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, is from a San Francisco-based company called Posit Science, and was developed through research funded by the National Institutes of Health. The company claims that DriveSharp is clinically proven to focus on the visual systems in the brain that are essential to safe driving and will:

  • Reduce crash risk by 50%, after just 10 hours of training
  • Increase useful field of view by 200%
  • Stop 22 feet sooner when driving 55 mph
  • Decrease dangerous driving maneuvers by 36%

The first step in getting started with DriveSharp is to take an assessment test which establishes a baseline from which your progress is measured. We were both given a goal to improve by 70% over the initial score. Yikes, like most people we consider ourselves excellent drivers.

There are basically two different, easy to understand visual memory games within each session; one takes you along old Route 66 from start to finish that works on improving and widening the scope of your peripheral vision, and the other takes you deep sea diving for treasure while training your brain to keep track of as many things as possible. Both are designed to force your memory to go into overdrive because seeing more means remembering more.

What we liked about the program was that it seemed intuitive; it would slowly increase the difficulty of the exercise to the point when we started making mistakes, then it would regress back and build the intensity of the task at a slower pace. We don't like the games that make you start over after making a mistake.

There were a couple times when we moved to the next level and read what the next training session consisted of and thought it might be too difficult…but we did it and kept getting better. DriveSharp doesn't tell you how you're progressing after every session, which we found a little disappointing. You really have to put in a few hours of work with the software before any measurement on a graph shows up.

We looked at other software programs that claim to increase brain activity and function, two of which we really liked; Luminosity and Happy Neuron. Each had a variety of fun and challenging games and tracks your improvement regarding memory, concentration and increased reaction time. But we really couldn't find anything backed by scientific research that helps you increase the information within your peripheral vision and to observe so many things at once the way DriveSharp does.

However, the $89.00 price tag of DriveSharp isn't as appealing as other brain games and the upgrade will set you back $249.00. It all depends on your motivation for improving one's driving skills. We could see this software being purchased to sharpening an aging parent's brain who refuses to give up driving, or by the parents of a beginning driver as a pre-requisite before getting to use the family car.

The writer was provided with complimentary copy of the software, but it hasn't influenced this review.

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