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Restore Your Car's Leather Interior


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Repairing Rubbed Off Leather Coloring
Restore Your Car's Leather Interior

Driver's Seat Looks Like New Again

Once we had filled in the creases and cracks of the entire driver’s seat satisfactorily, we concentrated on the left panel where the leather color had rubbed off. Here we applied a thin coat of non-diluted liquid leather to the area and dried it thoroughly with a hair dryer. We had to repeat this step about 3 times, drying it completely each time to achieve our desired result. A final coat was diluted with twenty percent water and wiped down with a dry rag.

The next day we used Gliptone Liquid Leather Conditioner to the driver’s seat which brought a rich shine to the leather. Liquid Leather Scuff Master claims that once it has been properly applied to leather, it will not come off on wet or dry clothes. We have found that to be true.

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