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Classic Cars: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Stop Rust From Overtaking Your Classic Car
The standard approach to rust removal has been to sand blast or scrape down to bare metal, prime with a rust-inhibiting primer and then paint. When we come across rust on our cars or restoration project, we found using rust converters in the form of brush-on liquids to be an attractive alternative.
How to Remove Rust from Your Classic Car
It's time to find out how much original metal is remaining on your classic car. Explore the process and costs of chemical dips and media blasting.
Big Reliable Power from the 454 Chevy Engine
The 454 V8 born in 1970 had a long run. In fact, Chevrolet still sells brand-new 7.4L crate engines. Find out why this engine stood the test of time.
How to Start a Car That’s Been in Storage
Cars that have been resting peacefully for a long period of time don't take kindly to an abrupt wake up call. They will be as nasty as a grizzly bear prematurely jolted out of hibernation and you will pay the price of their wrath. So just curb your excitement of getting behind the wheel of your sleeping beauty and follow these steps to get a happy ending.
8 Major Factors That Affect the Value of Your...
Determining the Market Value of a Classic Car
See Why a 1971 Plymouth Cuda is Special
Discover why a 1971 Plymouth Cuda is unique and valuable even without the Hemi option. Uncover why this model is an excellent buy and hold investment.
Debunking The Motor Oil Additive Urban Legend
After 70+ years of trouble-free, metal-metal anti-wear protection, the E.P.A. is forcing ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate, containing both Zinc and Phosphorus) from domestic motor oil. Is this a good or bad thing?
Top 5 Muscle Car Engines of All Time
The muscle in muscle cars, refers to engine power. Write down five engines you associate with your favorite cars and compare them to this top 5 list.
How to Restore Your Classic Car's Leather...
A step by step guide to repair and restore your car's leather interior.
What is a Numbers Matching Classic Car?
An in depth explanation of the term “numbers matching car” and how to check if the car you own or intending to own can be considered in this group of higher valued vehicles.
How to Determine the Market Value of Your...
Whether you’re buying or selling a classic car, you will want to determine its fair market value. Publications such as the Old Car Buyers Guide, Hemmings or NADA's Classic, Collectible and Special Interest Car Appraisal Guide & Directory are a good place to start. Their price guides rate a car's value using 6 categories according to their conditions that range from “pristine” to “basket case”.
How To Inspect a Classic Car
When we are considering a car as a potential purchase, we always use this car inspection checklist.
What's the Difference Between Beetles and Super...
Learn how to tell the difference between a Standard and Super Beetle. Review a brief history about the Volkswagen Bug. Connect with VW organizations.
How the 1970s Killed the Original Muscle Cars
The short reign of the muscle car came to an abrupt end in the 70s. Review a condensed timeline of events leading to the demise of this golden age.
Common Classic Car Fuel Pump Problems
Find tips for testing and replacing mechanical fuel pumps on classic cars. Review common bolt torque, fuel pressure and volume output specifications.
Keep Pack Rats Out of Your Car
We do not claim to be any type of college-degreed pest control expert or authorities on animal physiology. But we do have a garage with six classic cars that have not been vandalized by the large number of pack rats that inhabit our property. And we have accomplished this great feat for over ten years with devices that have consistently been proven not to work by leading universities and scientists.
The Bold Factory Color Palette on Cars of the...
Learn more about the automotive color palette battle from the 60s and 70s. Review a brief history of cars and color choices for the last 100 years.
The Edsel – A Legacy of Failure
The Edsel, was it the wrong car at the wrong time, was it too big when small was in, or was the name just too strange to be a luxury car. It was all of those and more.
Buying a Classic Car on eBay
EBay is now considered to be the dominant force in classic car and part sales. Learning how to access this large inventory of cars and how to bid accordingly, at or below its market value, may get you your dream classic sooner than you thought possible.
Review the Top 5 Aftermarket Wheel and Tire...
See pictures of classic wheel and tire combinations. Wide whitewall tires with wire wheel caps and red stripe tires with factory mags are two examples.
Learn about the First and Second Generation 427...
First-generation 427 Chevy engine facts and figures. Discover the limited edition 427 ZL1 anniversary edition crate engine direct from Chevrolet.
Classic International Harvester Pickup Trucks
Take a road less traveled and learn about the collectable trucks from International Harvester. Review history and find IH social groups and clubs.
Restoring Your Classic's Chrome Parts
There are two things that most people notice when they check out your ride - its paint and chrome. And if you are showing your car, these two factors alone can make the difference between a first place trophy and no trophy at all. Repainting a car is a job the home restorer can tackle, but replating needs a specialist. Here are some things we do to insure the job gets done right.
Classic Car Insurance Reviews
Before you go out and look for the best classic car insurance quote there are several things you need to decide. What are your expectations? Will you be driving the car year round, or is it a
The Life and Death of Pontiac: A Story of Trial...
Born in 1927 the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors died in 2010. Let’s take a look at the life and times of the once mighty Pontiac brand.
Is Ethanol Safe for Classic Cars
See why classic car owners don't like ethanol. Learn about the pure gas movement and best practices when gassing up a classic for long-term storage.
The Top Reasons to go to a Classic Car Auction
If you like watching collector and classic car auctions on television, you'll love attending one in person and here's our top reasons why you will.
Buying a Classic Car on eBay continued
EBay is now considered to be the dominant force in classic car and part sales. Learning how to access this large inventory of cars and how to bid accordingly, at or below its market value, may get you your dream classic sooner than you thought possible. Page 2.
Chevrolet Super Sport Chevelle from 1968...
See what separates the 1970 SS Chevelle from the crowd. See how to identify a 1970 model on first sight and the most collectible Chevelle of all time.
The Javelin AMX: A Real Contender in the Muscle...
AMC went all in with project Javelin. Review the remarkable achievements of the AMX and the magical year representing the pinnacle of the automobile.
Replacing a Classic Car Headliner: DIY Job or...
When a headliner starts to sag, it should be replaced. Learn about the different kinds of headliners and see what's involved in the repairs.
Antifreeze - Red, Green or Universal, That is...
Usually car fluids that advertise a newer, better, or best technology isn't best for older cars and their internal parts. But we are always on the look out for new products that just might be the exception to the rule.
How To Take Care of Your Classic Car's Paint Job
How to take care of Classic Car's Paint - Washing, Waxing,and Polishing Tips for Your Car.
Ten Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction - Updated
In 2011 at Gooding & Company's Monterey auction, it won the honored title of being the most expensive car ever sold at auction.
How to Replace Your Classic Car's Door Panel
How to Replace Your Classic Car's Door Panel
Car Restoration Projects – Planning and...
It's not the fun part, but essential to every restoration. Don't think about writing a check or getting your hands greasy until you have taken these steps.
When it’s Time to Sell Your Classic Car
We love buying old cars and fixing them up. But that means something has to go to make room for the new arrival. All our cars mean something special to us so when it comes time to sell one, it can be pretty emotional. Properly marketing our cars helps to ease the pain by speeding up the sale and getting a fair price.
Increase Interior Comfort When Restoring Your...
Discover how to bring your car interior restoration project to the next level. Enjoy a vintage look while at the same time increasing comfort.
The Super Sport Impala: Real Fine with a 409
Learn about the first Chevrolet Impala SS. See the big block 409, one of the first engines to produce more than one horsepower per cubic inch.
Chrysler Hemi Powered Muscle Cars
Learn about the Hemi powered Mopar muscle cars from 1964 through 1971. Review production numbers, HP ratings and market value of the elephant motor.
Understanding the Condition Rating System
While sorting through the trade magazines, classified ads and internet auctions; understanding the terminology used to rate a cars condition will help you determine the cars market value and what price you should pay. Here's a tip to understand the 100 Point and Six Category classic car condition rating system used by the most popular classic car value guides.
My Classic Car Cranks but Won't Start
Review a step-by-step guide on how to properly diagnose a classic car that cranks over normally, but refuses to start.
Solving Power Steering Issues on Classic Cars
Learn to solve complex problems with power steering systems on older and classic cars. Discover how to find rare power steering replacement parts.
How To Decide if a Car is Worth Restoring
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Once you’ve decided
Prevent Your Classic From Overheating
Keeping your older car from overheating and leaving you stranded can be easy if you follow our preventative maintenance tips on a regular basis.
Installing Exhaust Headers on Classic Muscle Cars
Do you want high performance exhaust headers on your classic muscle car? Review the pros and cons of installing aftermarket exhaust headers.
How to Add AC to a Classic Car
Tired of sweating in your classic car? See what it takes to add air-conditioning to vintage autos. Review problems and prices with installation kits.
Before You Buy a Classic Car
You won't find this information in car magazines, but every classic car owner will agree with these 7 important aspects to consider before you purchase your classic.
1965 Chevrolet Nova SS Muscle Car
GM considered the first generation Chevrolet Nova an economy car. In 1965 the 327 engine made the Nova SS one of America's least expensive muscle cars.
Classic Car Terms and Definitions
Classic car glossary of terms and definitions that you'll need to know in order to understand and communicate properly.
Volkswagen - The Peoples Car
Under the orders of Adolf Hitler, the VW Beetle was initially designed to provide cheap transport for the hard working German masses.
Car Restoration Projects – Budgeting
If you're independently wealthy, you can skip this section. If you're not, read on! Setting up a realistic budget before you buy your restoration project will ensure the car will actually leave the garage one day.
The Classic Muscle Car with a Shaker Hood
Learn which car company used the Shaker hood first in full production. Review common problems and solutions for muscle cars with Shaker hood scoops.
Look It's a Dodge Dart Swinger
See a classic 70’s Dodge Dart Swinger and take a walk down memory lane. Review the rich history of the Dodge Dart from 1960 through present day.
History of the Headlight
Today we pretty much take our car's headlights for granted. In fact, so many newer car's lights come on automatically triggered by sensors that owners might be hard pressed to actually tell you where the light switch is. But it wasn't always that easy for cars to light up the road.
1970 Mini Cooper Convertible
1970 Mini Cooper Convertible. Classic Cars. Page 10.
Craig Jackson on Buying and Selling Collector...
Craig Jackson on Buying and Selling Collector Cars. Page 2.
Meet the First Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Learn more about the first ever Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. Review production numbers and estimated value of this classic two door luxury coupe.
The Chevrolet Nova SS a Lot of Bang for the Buck
Learn about some of the most interesting Chevrolet Nova SS cars ever produced. Discover what a Yenko Super Coupe is and how much they go for.
Morris Garage - Better Known as the MG Car...
During WWII, the American soldiers stationed in England became very fond of British roadsters, one in particular was the MG. Upon their return, there was nothing back in the US that had the same sporty handling. It didn't take too long until the MG found it's way onto US roadways.
What makes it a Classic: The Pontiac 389 Tri...
If you find a car with an original Pontiac Tri Power 389 engine, consider it a classic. Discover interesting versions of this song worthy power plant.
Things You Didn’t Know About the AMC Hornet
AMC classic cars have a small, but rabid fan base. Review history of the AMC Hornet and learn about a few unique models built in small numbers.
Three Ways to Ruin the AC Compressor on a...
Review issues that can damage the AC compressor on classic cars. Learn how compressors work and how to test for proper operation of vintage systems.
The Classic Mini Cooper
Enjoy an educational synopsis of the classic Mini Cooper. From its birth in the late 50s it was meant to do a job but accomplished much more.
First Year for the Charger
See why the first year Dodge Charger hits a sweet spot for car collectors. Only offered for two years, the first-generation had some historical options.
How to Store Your Classic Car
For those of you who live in snowy climates, you may have to store your cars as long as four to six months. Here are some storage tips.
How to Permanently Resolve Oil Leaks on Vintage...
Learn about problem-solving gasket kits for classic cars. Discover the number one cause of recurring oil leaks and how to check for the condition.
Classic Design Makes This Buick Super
See a retro modified, 1949 Buick Super Coupe. Discover what a two door Sedanette is and meet the legendary GM designer that created the unique look.
1968 Aston Martin DB6 Volante
1968 Aston Martin DB6 Volante. Classic Cars. Page 6.
Tips for Replacing Classic Car Weatherstripping
Review strategies for replacing classic car weatherstripping. Discover where to obtain hard-to-find weatherstrip kits, retainers and specialized clips.
Mysteries of the External Voltage Regulator...
Learn how an external voltage regulator works on vintage cars. See symptoms of failed parts and options for replacing a classic voltage regulator.
Southwind Heaters, Toasty Warm in 90 Seconds
Are you tired of waiting for your classic car to warm up in order to have your heater start delivering hot air? A Southwind Heater will have you toasty Warm in 90 Seconds.
Meet the First Plymouth Barracuda, but Probably...
Review the rise and fall of the Plymouth Barracuda. Learn more about the first high-performance option package available on the two door Coupe.
Birth and History of the Legendary Jaguar
For the last six years, Jaguar has achieved top marks in the J. D. Power and Associates Sales Satisfaction Index study, three of those years claiming the #1 spot. But it wasn't always that way for the British marque.
Oldsmobile Cut from the General Motors Team
Discover the turbulent story surrounding the birth of Oldsmobile Motors. Learn about the most popular models and their untimely departure in 2004.
Take a Ride in the Third Generation Dodge Charger
Take a virtual ride in a third-generation Dodge Charger. Available with a 426 Hemi, 440 six-pack and air grabber hood scoop this car is collectible.
The First Stainless Steel Car
The Delorean may have been the first stainless steel car that comes to mind in conversation, but it wasn't the first to get on a production line.
Replacing Rusted Transmission Cooler Lines
Do you have classic muscle cars with leaky or rusted transmission cooler lines? Review efficient ways to repair leaking cooler lines on vintage cars.
Carburetor Mixture Tuning Adjustments for...
Review basic mixture adjustment procedures for classic car carburetors. Go from bench adjustments to fine tuning air fuel mixtures to pass emissions.
The Trabant – Built Out of Plastic and...
November 9, 2009 marked the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and if any of you have been watching some of the recent documentaries to celebrate the event, you may have noticed a particular little car keep showing up.
This Reliable Pontiac Small Displacement V-8...
If you like classic Pontiac's from 1963 through 1967, you're probably familiar with the 326 V8. Learn more about the engine and where they're found.
Second Generation Dodge charger Muscle Cars
See one of the most popular Chrysler products ever produced. Discover why the 1968-1970 Dodge Charger is the hero car in so many TV shows and movies.
The Beginning, Middle and End of the Duesenberg
Duesenberg automobiles were thoroughly enjoyed by the rich and famous in the early 1900s. Find out how many are left and who owns four of them.
Converting from a Generator to an Alternator on...
See the difference between a generator and an alternator. Learn about upgrade kits and alternatives when your classic car needs more electrical power.
Which Tire is better for Your Classic Car,...
What happens when you switch your vintage car from bias-ply tires over to radials? Learn how modern tires change the look and the way the car handles.
88 Point Inspection Check List
Use this extensive checklist to Inspect a Classic Car before you buy or sell.
The Light Line from International Harvester
Discover the versatility of the International Harvester Light Line trucks. Learn more about the IH Company and vehicles built during the 60s and 70s.
One Man Brake, Clutch, or Hydraulic Fluid...
How did the One Man Brake, Clutch, or any Hydraulic Fluid Bleeder Kit work compared to the two person pump and fill method that we usually use? Here's our review...
The Isetta Class
The Isetta Class. Classic Cars. Page 3.
Shelby Cobra 427 SC Replica
Learn about the 427 Shelby Cobra replicas and kit cars. Review the history of the original AC Cobra and the difference between a replica and a kit car.
Classic Car Care Tip - Removing Bird Droppings
There is only one thing more devastating than to see bird poo come splattering down onto your car's lovely paint job - the damage it creates when you remove it incorrectly.
The Hupmobile - a Lesson For Today's Car Makers
When the stock market goes into a nose dive and the economy is in a crisis, auto makers should not make the same mistakes the Hupp brothers.
Antique Cars 1880 Through 1916
The Antique car classification is used for cars built from the beginning of automotive development through 1916. They were first called “horseless carriages” and could have been powered by a gasoline combustion, steam or electric engine.
1970 Subaru 360 Van
1970 Subaru 360 Van. Classic Cars. Page 11.
An Affordable Maserati: The Indy America Coupe
The Maserati Indy America is a beautifully appointed limited production Italian sports car. Review the history, market value, and what to look out for.
10th Anniversary Special Edition Trans Am
See what is special about the Tenth Anniversary Trans Am and bad things to look out for. Uncover the most collectible of the 7500 total cars built.
1966 Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series 1 by Eagle
1966 Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series 1 by Eagle. Page 5.
The Inexpensive Way to Begin Collecting Cars
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Anyone who has
Why My Classic Car Won't Crank Over
Learn how to deal with a no start condition after storing a classic car. Review helpful tips for diagnosing bad starter relays and external solenoids.
Second Generation Chevy Bel Air
The tri-five second-generation Chevy Bel Air is one of the most notable cars built by the General. See what made her special and what movies she’s in.
1965 Austin Mini Van
1965 Austin Mini Van. Classic Cars. Page 12.
Classic Car Radiators Repair or Replace
Should you repair or replace defective radiators on a collectible car? Review tips and testing procedures that can help make the decision easier.
How To Disassembling Your Classic
The first part of the disassembly process is to understand that this will be a slow and deliberate process. Don’t get any bright ideas on a Sunday afternoon after a few beers that you and a couple of buddies should get started on your restoration project.
1947 KB-12 International
1947 KB-12 International. Classic Cars. Page 15.
Three Reasons Your Classic Car Needs a...
Discover three common internal problems found on vintage car carburetors. Review repair procedures and symptoms associated with these malfunctions.
1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite
1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite. Page 13.
1951 MGTD
1951 MGTD. Classic Cars. Page 23.
Repairing Classic Car Factory Air Conditioning
Review diagnostic tips for repairing factory installed air-conditioning on classic cars. Learn about sourcing hard-to-find AC parts for vintage autos.
1956 Isetta Cabriolet
1956 Isetta Cabriolet. Classic Cars. Page 2.
1957 Metropolitan Hard Top
1957 Metropolitan. Classic Cars. Page 18.
1964 Morris Minor Traveller
1964 Morris Minor Traveller. Classic Cars. Page 16.
Solving Starter Problems on My Classic Car
Read this before you replace another starter motor on your classic car. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a permanent magnet gear reduction starter?
Upgrading Your Classic Car Ignition system
See how to upgrade classic car ignition systems with modern parts while maintaining the original look. Increase reliability while preserving the past.
Classic Muscle Cars with Factory Mag Wheels
Original equipment rims can increase the value of a classic muscle car. Learn how to spot the difference between the factory mag and rally wheels.
Performing a Compression Test on Classic Car...
Including compression data when selling a classic car can help you achieve the asking price. Learn how to perform the test and evaluate the results.
Meet the Iconic Chevrolet Business Coupe
See why the Chevrolet Master Deluxe Business Coupe is popular with the Hot Rod community. View a beautiful example of a 1937 Chevy Business Coupe.
1959 Metropolitan Convertible
1959 Metropolitan Convertible. Classic Cars. Page 17.
The Sixty Special Fleetwood Cadillac
Learn about the Cadillac Sixty Special Fleetwood line of cars. Review average values for some of the rare examples of the first three generations.
3 Golden Rules for AC Service on Classic Cars
Put a stop to repeat air-conditioning repairs on your classic automobile. Apply these three best practices and reduce future failures on your car AC.
1942 Crosley Convertible
1942 Crosley Convertible. Classic Cars. Page 15.
How to Insure Your Classic Car
Insuring classic and specialty cars can be confusing for the first time buyer, because how you cover the car depends on how you're going to use it.
1959 Metropolitan Hard Top
1959 Metropolitan Hard Top. Classic Cars. Page 14.
Shelby Cobra GT500 Fastback
See what’s different about the 1968 Shelby Cobra GT500 fastback when compared to other Shelby Mustangs. Review rare options that greatly affect value.
1939 Bantam Roadster
1939 Bantam Roadster. Classic Cars. Page 20.
Rear view of the 1939 Bantam Roadster.
1939 Bantam Roadster rear view. Classic Cars. Page 21.
1948 Morris Convertible
1948 Morris Convertible. Classic Cars. Page 19.
The 1936 Ford - The Year in Review
In 1935 Ford shifted from the Model T and took on a fuller and more substantial appearance which saw little change until 1940. Out of those 5 years, we are particularly fond of the 1936 model year.
1950 Crosley Convertible
1950 Crosley Convertible. Classic Cars. Page 22.
Brake Master Cylinders on Clasic Cars
Discover how to diagnose classic car brakes and master cylinder problems. Learn about rebuilding kits and going from single to dual reservoir systems.
Symptoms and Test Procedures for Vacuum Advance...
Attention classic car owners, vacuum diaphragms will not last forever. Review symptoms and test procedures for muscle car era vacuum advance distributors.
The First Ford Falcon: Car or Platform
Feast your eyes on the most collectible first generation Ford Falcon. Learn about the Falcon platform design and the available models from 1960-1963.
Review Common Distributor Problems on Classic...
If you own classic cars chances are they have a distributor. Review basic operation, symptoms, common distributor problems and solutions.
Wheel Dollies for Car Restoration Projects
Wheel dolly manufacturers claim their units will make moving a vehicle around the shop quick and easy. Let's put this to the test on an MG TC Roadster.
Morgan - The Car That Hasn't Changed for 100...
The British car producer Morgan Motor Company has been run by three generations of the Morgan family to present after the company was first formed in 1909, and has stayed alive while other car makers without really changing the way they make a car.
1958 Austin Healey 3000
1958 Austin Healey 3000. Classic Cars. Page 4.
1964 Morgan Plus 4
1964 Morgan Plus 4. Classic Cars. Page 8.
Solve Horn Problems on Vintage Cars
Review common problems and diagnostic procedures for classic car horn malfunctions. Locate vintage parts like relays, contacts and trumpet horns.
Solving Classic Car Blower Motor Problems
Review common problems with classic car blower motor systems. Discover component locations and general testing procedures for multiple conditions.
The Rise of Preservation Class Cars
Discover why preservation class cars are considered more valuable than a fully restored one. See the difference between a barn find and a survivor car.
Rocket Powered Oldsmobile 442 Muscle Car
Learn about the Oldsmobile 442. See how it evolved into a refined, yet brutish muscle car that was competitive in the horsepower race of the late 60s.
Review Reasons for Water Pump Failure on...
Review some uncommon symptoms of a failing water pump on vintage automobiles. Learn how to extend the service life of your classic car water pump.
New Solutions for Classic Car Battery Problems
Learn how long classic car batteries can last and helpful tips to get you there. See old-school looking batteries with the latest technology inside.
1927 Studebaker
1927 Studebaker. Classic Cars. Page 16.
Most Expensive Cars Sold at Auction
Review three of the most expensive cars ever sold at auction. Learn about the cars pedigree responsible for pushing their prices to record levels.
The Small Ranchero Built in Even Smaller Numbers
Learn about the compact Ford Falcon Ranchero. Discover why Ford launched the car and see a rare 4 speed V8 combination offered in small quantities.
The Barn Finds
The Barn Finds, 1971 Ferrari 246 Dino GT, Aston Martin DB2/4 and Chevron Racing Chassis Page 7.
Ford Thunderbird the Personal Luxury Car
Learn more about the fourth-generation Ford Thunderbird personal luxury car. Discover the subtle differences between T birds from 1964 through 1966.
1960 Fiat 600D
1960 Fiat 600D. Classic Cars. Page 4.
Chevrolet Sedan Delivery 3100
Discover why the post war Chevrolet 3100 Sedan Delivery hits a sweet spot in the truck collector market. Review production numbers and market values.
Last of the Big Healey’s: The Austin...
Discover why the Austin Healey 3000 Mk III is so fun to drive. Learn how to verify factory installed options and obtain heritage trust certificates.

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