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Ten Most Expensive Cars Sold at Auction

These are the "Ten Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction". Keep checking back, because we update the list every time a new top seller comes up on the block.

Classic Cars Spotlight10

Blower Motor Problems on Classic Cars

Review common problems with classic car blower motor systems. Discover component locations and general testing procedures for multiple conditions.

1965 Chevrolet Nova SS Coupe

GM considered the first generation Chevrolet Nova an economy car. In 1965 the 327 engine made the Nova SS one of America's least expensive muscle cars.

Power Steering Problems on Classic Cars

Learn to solve complex problems with power steering systems on older and classic cars. Discover how to find rare power steering replacement parts.

1968 Shelby Cobra GT500 Fastback

See what’s different about the 1968 Shelby Cobra GT500 fastback when compared to other Shelby Mustangs. Review rare options that greatly affect value.

Entry Level Classic GM Cars

Review of two budget friendly GM cars that can get you in the game. See why these cars are popular at shows and why they could be a good investment.

Adding AC to a Classic Car

Tired of sweating in your classic car? See what it takes to add air-conditioning to vintage autos. Review problems and prices with installation kits.

What Makes a 1971 Plymouth Cuda Special

Discover why a 1971 Plymouth Cuda is unique and valuable even without the Hemi option. Uncover why this model is an excellent buy and hold investment.

Classic Car Brakes and Master Cylinders

Discover how to diagnose classic car brakes and master cylinder problems. Learn about rebuilding kits and going from single to dual reservoir systems.

Collectible 1966 Ford Galaxie 500

Just because a muscle car was mass-produced doesn't mean it's not collectible. Review interesting facts about the 428 powered 1966 Ford Galaxie 500.

Dodge Lil Red Express Pickup Truck

When it comes to classic trucks the Dodge Lil Red Express pickup has a lot to offer. Learn about the fastest and most collectable trucks of the 70s.

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