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How to Buy a Classic Car

If you are a first time buyer of a classic or collector car, you need to go shopping with an arsenal of knowledge. Even the most experienced classic car trader can get fooled unless they follow a tried and true plan of attack. Here's some good ammunition to have on hand.

Entry Level Classic GM Cars
Review of two budget friendly GM cars that can get you in the game. See why these cars are popular at shows and why they could be a good investment.

When it’s Time to Sell Your Classic Car
We love buying old cars and fixing them up. But that means something has to go to make room for the new arrival. All our cars mean something special to us so when it comes time to sell one, it can be pretty emotional. Properly marketing our cars helps to ease the pain by speeding up the sale and getting a fair price.

Car Restoration Projects – Planning and Purchasing
If you've always wanted to restore a classic or collector car, the right way, don't even think about writing a check or getting your fingers greasy until you have completed these important steps.

Car Restoration Projects – Budgeting
If you're independently wealthy, you can skip this section. If you're not, read on! Setting up a realistic budget before you buy your restoration project will ensure the car will actually leave the garage one day.

Craig Jackson on Buying and Selling Collector Cars
If you want great advice on buying and selling collector cars, your best bet is to ask the experts. And that's just what we did when we met up with Craig Jackson, CEO and Chairman of Barrett-Jackson at the 2009 Las Vegas event.

Affordable Classic Cars
Do you love going to classic car shows and wish that you could afford to own one of these older cars? Well you can, you just need to know what to look for that won't bust your budget.

Determining the Market Value of Your Classic
Whether youre buying or selling a classic car, you will want to determine its fair market value. Publications such as the Old Car Buyers Guide, Hemmings or NADA's Classic, Collectible and Special Interest Car Appraisal Guide & Directory are a good place to start. Their price guides rate a car's value using 6 categories according to their conditions that range from pristine to basket case.

Inspecting a Classic Car.
Buying your second classic car can be just as exciting as the first. Sometimes that excitement, as well as a savvy seller, can distract you from doing a complete inspection of the car you want to buy. I highly suggest with every potential car purchase, you complete this extensive checklist. It will keep you on track and focused, no matter how great this car looks from 5 feet away.

What is a Numbers Matching Classic Car
An in depth explanation of the term numbers matching car, and how to check if the car you own or intend to own can be considered part of this group of higher valued vehicles.

Understanding the Condition Rating System
While sorting through the trade magazines, classified ads, and internet auctions, understanding the terminology used to rate a car's condition will help you determine the cars market value and what price you should pay. Here's a tip to understand the 100 Point and Six Category classic car condition rating system used by the most popular classic car value guides.

Understanding Classified Ads
Classic car ads use a vocabulary all their own. We've translated the most utilized abbreviations into words you can understand.

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