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Determining the Market Value of Your Classic


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How Do I Find Out What Category to Put My Car In?
To appraise your car, rate each of the following items listed on a scale of one to five, using five as the maximum value. Then total the points that you've given the car to determine which of the six categories it would fall into.
  • Category 1 would be a 90+ point car
  • Category 2 would be a 80-89 point car
  • Category 3 would be a 70-79 point car
  • Category 4 would be a 60-69 point car
  • Category 5 is would be a 40 - 59 point car
  • Category 6 is any car under a 40 point car
Be very objective in placing a value to each of the areas listed. You may want to contact a member of the local car club for the marque your evaluating to help you.
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