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Maintenance Tips and Caring for your Classic

Have you dreamed about owning a particular classic car for years but never considered making it a reality because you have no experience in maintaining an older vehicle? Dream no longer! Here you'll find many detailed and easy to use tips to help you have that love affair with a classic without it heading for heartbreak.

Adding AC to a Classic Car
Tired of sweating in your classic car? See what it takes to add air-conditioning to vintage autos. Review problems and prices with installation kits.

Ten Things You Should Always Have in Your Classic Car
When you head off in a car that is 25 years or older, you should pack these ten things in the event of a breakdown. Even though you've checked and rechecked all the fluids, belts and running parts, many classics had question marks over reliability even when they were rolling off the production line.

Keep Pack Rats Out of Your Car
We do not claim to be any type of college-degreed pest control expert or authorities on animal physiology. But we do have a garage with six classic cars that have not been vandalized by the large number of pack rats that inhabit our property. And we have accomplished this great feat for over ten years with devices that have been consistently...

One Man Brake, Clutch, or Hydraulic Fluid Bleeder Kit
How did the One Man Brake, Clutch, or any Hydraulic Fluid Bleeder Kit work compared to the two person pump and fill method that we usually use? Here's our review...

ZDDP - Debunking The Motor Oil Additive Urban Legend
After 70+ years of trouble-free, metal-metal anti-wear protection, the E.P.A. is forcing ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate, containing both Zinc and Phosphorus) from domestic motor oil. Is this a good or bad thing?

How to Compression Test Your Car's Engine
Is your engine running rough or lacking power? One of the first things we suggest you do is a compression test. It's easy with the right equipment and something you can do in your own garage.

Antifreeze - Red, Green or Universal, That is the Question!
Usually car fluids that advertise a newer, better, or best technology isn't best for older cars and their internal parts. But we are always on the look out for new products that just might be the exception to the rule.

Ethanol and Classic Cars
There's a lot of conflicting opinions on whether or not Ethanol fuel can cause damage to Classic cars but a recent study shows it may not be the enemy after all.

Prevent Your Classic From Overheating
Keeping your older car from overheating and leaving you stranded can be easy if you follow our preventative maintenance tips on a regular basis.

Southwind Heaters, Toasty Warm in 90 Seconds
Are you tired of waiting for your classic car to warm up in order to have your heater start delivering hot air? A Southwind Heater will have you toasty Warm in 90 Seconds.

Take Care Of Your Car's Paint
It is amazing the number of people that dont know how to properly clean or polish and wax their cars. You can extend the life of your paint job with these simple steps.

How to Start a Car Thats Been in Storage
Cars that have been resting peacefully for a long period of time don't take kindly to an abrupt wake up call. They will be as nasty as a grizzly bear prematurely jolted out of hibernation and you will pay the price of their wrath. So just curb your excitement of getting behind the wheel of your sleeping beauty and follow these steps to get a happy ending.

Classic Car Care Tip - Removing Bird Droppings
There is only one thing more devastating than to see bird poo come splattering down onto your car's lovely paint job - the damage it creates when you remove it incorrectly.

Replacing a Warped or Worn Brake Disc
If your car has got a shimmy when you press the brake pedal, it could be a warped brake disc. A brake disc can warp due to heat buildup or wear, and a warped brake disc can be a real teeth-shaker. Luckily, they are easy to replace.

How to Tow Your Classic
Hopefully your classic will never have to be towed. Let's just say this will be helpful advice the day your fellow classic car owner fails to start their engine.

Your Favorite Classic Car Maintenance Tip
Classic Car Maintenance Tip

Replace Your Fuel Tank Sending Unit
If your gas gauge is not working properly, or not at all, it could be a faulty fuel tank sending unit. Replacing the sending unit isn't difficult and in most cars, it's in an accessible location for you to repair yourself.

Storing Your Classic Car
Classic cars owners would love to store their cars in a specially sealed, dust free room with dehumidified air. But if you can't afford such extreme measures, there are less expensive methods to prevent the deterioration of your car when kept inside while avoiding harsh winter weather.

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