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When it’s Time to Sell Your Classic Car


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There is No Substitute for Cleanliness

We make the car we are selling look like a car we would want to buy - honest and consistent. To do that, we clean up the all its parts, not just the ones you can see from standing five feet away. A car that is clean and beautifully prepared will sell more easily than one that is filthy or tarted up for sale.

You can either do this job yourself or take it to a professional detailer. Either way, make sure you:

  • Wash, degrease and polish the entire exterior, especially the hard to see spots like the doorsills, rockers and wheel lips.
  • Clean and detail the interior, trunk and engine compartment using the quality car products designated for its particular job.
  • Don’t try and cover up the car’s natural condition with perfumes and shiny goop.
If the engine and undercarriage are in respectable condition, go ahead and leave it that way. That’s useful information to a prospective buyer rather than them thinking you’ve washed away the car’s little sins.

Don’t replace any engine components unless it really needs it, new hoses and wires just raise more questions about the cars condition.

If the car hasn’t been restored, just freshened up, don’t install new carpets or upholstery to spiff it up. That would actually make the new installs look out of place and the car seem inconsistent.

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