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Got Rust? Try converting it to a protective seal.


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Got Rust? Try a Rust Converter.
Got Rust? Try converting it to a protective seal.

1961 Jaguar Mark 2 rusted magazine cubbie.

Rust is a complicated electrochemical process whereby a metal is converted to an oxide whenever it comes in contact with oxygen in the presence of moisture, and that can happen even in the protective custody of your garage. Because of that, the longer you own a car, it’s more than likely that one day you’ll find rust on it.

The standard approach to rust removal has been to sand blast or scrape down to bare metal, prime with a rust-inhibiting primer and then paint. When we come across rust on our cars or restoration project, we found using rust converters in the form of brush-on liquids to be an attractive alternative.

To show you how well a rust converter can work, we'll demonstrate with this heavily rusted and flaking interior magazine holder we found in our most current restoration of a 1961 Jaguar Mark 2.

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