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Restore Your Car's Leather Interior


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Choose Your Product and Color Match the Leather
Restore Your Car's Leather Interior

Gliptone Liquid Leather Products

We believe in giving restoration a chance in all cases except when there is no integrity of the leather to build upon. Luckily, there are some great products on the market today that enables you to restore your old leather fairly easily. When restoring or maintaining our car's leather, we have had good luck with Gliptone Liquid Leather Scuff Master, a specialty product line available through distributors on the web. Other products that we have heard work quite well are Lexol Leather Care and Leather World.

What ever product you decide to use, contact the distributor regarding the color matching of your leather. If you are restoring to the original color, send a small swatch of leather (under the seat there is always a spare piece) to the supplier for color matching. Alternatively, your vehicles manufacturer’s color code or color name can help your supplier give you a pretty good match.

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